How to thicken hair and

have more volume?

Genetic and environmental factors make the locks thin. However, in the second case, it is possible to thicken the hair. Check out tips!

Most likely, their locks are thinned by genetic or environmental factors. In the second case, it is possible to employ some techniques to thicken the hair and gain more volume.

We decided to gather the main ones and present to you in today's post. With a little discipline, you can see results in a short time and have the look you always wanted.

# 1 Invest In Supplementation
It is essential to have a balanced diet to ensure the health of the wires. Now if your goal is to thicken your hair, vitamin and mineral supplementation can help.

Vitamin B7, commonly known as biotin, can be a great ally. There are also complexes like Pantogar and Pill Food that bring together various substances that help you get more volume.

# 2 Use the right products
Did you know there are specific products for those who want to thicken their hair? They are shampoos, conditioners and masks, among others, that guarantee the dreamed volume. To have the right hair care products read Calista Tools Review and learn more.

# 3 Moisturize frequently
Hydration is responsible for replenishing the moisture, nutrients and keratin of the locks. Therefore, it should be part of the care routine of those who plan to thicken their hair and gain more volume.

A powerful mask - such as Kérastase's Masque Densité - is already able to provide the hydration that the hair needs. However, if you want to potentiate her action, you can mix some keratin or panthenol.

# 4 Do a Hair Reconstruction
Hair reconstruction is a procedure that replenishes the mass and nutrients that hair loses - especially when undergoing chemical treatments. It can be done once a month on fine hair, at the salon or at home.

At home, you wash your hair with an anti-waste shampoo; removes excess water; apply keratin; rinse the wires; remove excess water again; apply reconstructive mask and ampoule; and finishes with leave-in or silicone.

# 5 Remember the wetting
Wetting is another process that helps make your hair more nourished. When performed frequently - every fortnight, for example - it gives the impression that the strands are thicker and thicker.

Typically, wetting is done with 100% vegetable oils such as coconut. To enhance its effect, you can apply castor oil to the scalp. The hair will grow healthier!

# 6 Consider the tonics
Hair tonics are quite famous for preventing hair loss, but they are also interesting options for those who want to thicken their hair and get more volume. They usually have very nutritious ingredients in their compositions.

# 7 Texturize the wires
Finally, a tip for those who can't wait for the procedures we cited throughout this post start to take effect! To thicken your hair and flaunt a massive volume, you can bet on the texturing of the strands.

If your hair is straight, invest in a curler and a fixing spray. If you are frizzy, keep in mind that combing creams and curl activators are your friends.

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