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This page contains some of the many videos available, of activists and other, about the harms of this dirty, cancerous, toxic, unsafe technology that Big Wireless industry wants to shove down our throats.

Reza Ganjavi's talk in Hadlikon, Switzerland for community fighting against cell tower by Salt.

5G - Kevin Mottus

Cell Tower Microwave Radiation Presentation by Magda Havas

Dafna Tachover Michigan House Energy Policy Testimony 05/29/18 5G

West Montgomery County Citizens Association Opposed to ZTA 18-11

Theodora Scarato EMF Wi-Fi in School Health @ NIH National Institutes of Health 7/20/2018

Full Signal - The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones

5G Radiation Onslaught - EMF Aware Santa Cruz 11/30/2018

36 Year Old with Neck Tumor/Cell Phone Related: Santa Rosa 5G Small Cell Testimony


Study Links Bee Decline to Cell Phones - CNN

Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution Part 1 by B. Blake Levitt

Radiation From Smartphones Could Trigger Memory Loss in Teenagers: Study

5G is Not Safe. Visit & write to to push back against 5G

Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5g and They Actually Listen

People protest Small Cell ZTA outside Montgomery County Council Building

Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

Parent Raises Wi-Fi Health Concerns in Howard County School System

Rodney Palmer on WIFI Dangers and Deaths


Mark Steele 5G TRUTH could SAVE THIS PLANETS LIFE on Adventures of a ferral hippy

Barrie Trower 5G Will Devastate Humanity But Those Behind It Are Above The Law!

2018-0227 Santa Rosa City Council: No 4G/5G So-Called "Small Cell" Cell Towers

UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity

US Senator Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology Health Risks at Senate Hearing

Dringender Weckruf: 5G ist Gefahr für Leib und Leben! | 28.01.2019 |

What is 5G? - A Breakdown of 5G Technology Explained | AT&T

Marin County 4G 5G Densification Workshop

People protest Small Cell ZTA outside Montgomery County Council Building

Kopfschmerzen im Auto - Headache in the Car (English Subtitles)

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