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Captured Agency -- How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates. 

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“Consumer safety, health, and privacy, along with consumer wallets, have all been overlooked, sacrificed, or raided due to unchecked industry influence.”

"Perhaps the best example of how the FCC is tangled in a chain of corruption is the cell tower and antenna infrastructure that lies at the heart of the phenomenally successful wireless industry."

"Personally, I don‘t believe that just because something can be done it should heedlessly be allowed. Murder, rape and Ponzi schemes are all doable but subject to prohibition and regulation. Government regulators have the responsibility to examine the consequences of new technologies and act to at least contain some of the worst. Beyond legislators and regulators, public outrage and the courts can also play a role but these can be muffled indefinitely by misinformation and bullying."

“It is these hardball tactics that recall 20th century Big Tobacco tactics. It is these tactics that heighten suspicion that the wireless industry does indeed have a dirty secret. And it is those tactics that intensify the spotlight on an FCC that so timidly follows the script of the fabulously wealthy, bullying, billion-dollar beneficiaries of wireless.”

On The FCC’s handling of the science pointing to health risks, Alster states, “Remarkably, it (the FCC) has not changed course despite the IARC classification of cell phones as possibly carcinogenic, despite the recent studies showing triple the glioma risk for heavy users, despite the floodtide of research showing biological effects, and despite even the recent defection of core industry booster Alex Lerchl.”

“It is the refusal of both industry and the FCC to even acknowledge this cascade of warning signs that seems most incriminating. Of course, industry behavior goes well beyond pushing for the FCC‘s willful ignorance and inaction. Industry behavior also includes self-serving public relations and hyper aggressive legal action. It can also involve undermining the credibility of and cutting off the funding for researchers who do not endorse cellular safety…”



By Reza Ganjavi 

For personal attention of: 

Ajit Pai, Chairman

Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner

Brendan Carr, Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner

The entire topic of China and national security if 5G doesn't come is pure 100% nonsense, and a myth promoted by the very industry you're SUPPOSED to regulate, which is a joke in itself when the "cops" are in bed with the "villains". IGNORANCE is not bliss ladies and gentlemen. Karma is very real. You will NOT be able to sleep with a clear conscience when you KNOW that your decisions to IGNORE science, goodness, God, what's right, what's been undeniably exposed by 1000's of studies in the last 10 years. You've chosen to IGNORE THAT in favor of 35 year old science because that's profitable for the industry you're SUPPOSEDLY regulating. What a joke!! 

Do you know AT WHAT COST??? Do you have an ounce of conscience in your being? Did you know the technology you're so RECKLESSLY and IRRESPONSIBLY  promoting causes thinning of the blood-brain-barrier? If you don't know, take your head out of the sand. You SHOULD KNOW.  Did you know its impact on the immune system? On reproductive system? On memory and intelligent? YOU are taking concrete steps to make the world more STUPID. That's what this radiation does. It's not too late. STOP IGNORING things like the bioinitiative report, the call, and all the top scientists in the field who are not puppets of YOUR industry. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to not only American people but the whole world to ACT CORRECTLY, RESPONSIBLY, JUSTLY, INTELLIGENTLY -- and not according to what is most PROFITABLE for YOUR INDUSTRY. 

This is mega bad karma! Trust me! It's as bad as some of the worst things ever done to humanity in the history of our planet.


A couple of good comments posted online about the evil forces within the FCC who are taking steps which destroys our future in favor of big money.


1) Why is FCC overseeing human exposure limit for wireless radiation when FCC is not a health and safety agency and does not even have a health dept?

2) FCC refers to FDA for guidance on health but it says very clearly on FDA website that by law they are not allowed to test safety of wireless devices or cell tower transmitters before they are marketed. How can FCC be sure of FDA advice that devices are safe without FDA safety testing them?

3) With findings of recent $25 million US National Toxicology Program Study showing CLEAR EVIDENCE that wireless radiation is Carcinogenic below 20 year old thermally based commercial guidelines, how do you justify NOT post market surveying these devices and cell tower transmitters to determine cancer or neurological effects from them?

4) With scientific evidence and human reports of wireless radiation causing cancer and neurological disease, how do you justify relying on "safety" guideline based on suggestions from largely industry appointed and controlled groups rather than an actual Safety Standard developed by an impartial government agency which would ensure that the public's health is being protected? Especially given that the GAO recommended you reassess your safety guidelines more than 5 years ago?

5) How do you justify recent streamlining orders which will exempt these new 5G transmitters from Environmental, Health, Safety review when we have Clear Evidence of biological effects and individual reports of harm?

6) How do you continue to favor wireless systems of communications over wired systems when wireless systems have proven to be impossible to secure? And given that wired and fiber optic connections are much more suited and much faster than wireless connections for transferring data?




Subject: <> Activity of FCC
Date:Sat, 20 Oct 2018 22:30:18 +0200From:R.GANJAVI <>, Mike.O',,

Ajit Pai, Chairman -- Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner -- Brendan Carr, Commissioner -- Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner

You four are the biggest problem with our world today. You're in charge of a corrupt agency which is captured by the industry. As puppets of the industry, you're implicitly engaged in organized deception of public.

If you have any ethics, you should quit your job. Perhaps afterwards you can go work for the wireless industry and join the organized criminal deception of public using 35 year old standards that are based on physics and wholly ignore biological damage which has been shown by thousands of studies in the last 10 years.

Shame on you all.

Reza Ganjavi 

- A person who's ashamed of having this corrupt agency destroy our lives, health, well-being, in favor of MONEY (industry). Shame on you. 


Brandon Carr answered my email:

On 10/21/18 2:27 AM, Brendan Carr wrote:

Thanks for the note Reza. Appreciate you reaching out. 


Subject:Re: <> activity of FCCDate:Sun, 21 Oct 2018 09:47:58 +0200From:R.GANJAVI <>To:Brendan Carr <>, Ajit Pai <>, Mike ORielly <>, Jessica Rosenworcel" <>

Thanks for the reply Brendan. Despite all these outcries you continue to engage in deceiving public. "We're not health experts" is not an excuse. You understand perfectly well that the standards are faulty. Yet you don't have the will to raise an alarm and say enough is enough, let's put a stop to this criminal mass deception, we know the standards are faulty -- and shake up whomever you point your fingers to, to change the standards.  I'm not an expert on FCC politics, but I do know the corrupt criminal industry spends a $100m a year lobbying. And I know where y'all came from. 

Think God, karma, whatever you might believe in, if anything other than dollars.

Think smoking in 1940's. That mass deception was very profitable for the industry and their regulators benefited massively but eventually karma caught up with them. 

The wireless fraud is the greatest fraud in the history of humanity -- where the science has never been so clear, and y'all have the nerve to go on camera and lie -- as Ajit has, he lied through his teeth (with the rationalization in his mind, that FCC is going with the standards and they're going with opinion of outside experts) that there are no safety issues. Shame on you Ajit, and the rest of you. With Indian roots, you should know about karma. It's no joke. Universe has its ways to catch up, and that may be far beyond our lifetimes. 

You KNOW the standards are bogus, inapplicable, defunct, yet you do not raise any alarms. AS HUMANS, Member of the human race, you need to be pounding on the tables to get the standards updated NO MATTER what your relationship is with the industry. 

YOU have made our cities unlivable. People are turning into zombies. Just go to any big city where it's full of 4G antennas (5G will make it worse), and look around at the people who're exposed to this all day -- and at home by their WiFi routers all night. I'm willing to bet none of you are willing to let your kid sleep next to a WiFi router, and I bet you're not stupid enough to do it yourself because YOU KNOW the harms.

But if the harm happens to others, mass population, then in your eyes it's ok, you don't care. If you cared about people, about humanity, nature, animals, birds, bees, bacteria which are essential in our environment, you would not be engaged in deceiving the public that this highly, proven unsafe technology is safe REGARDLESS of whether your buddies in the industry like it or not. 

The problem with the mass deception FCC is engaged in is that people are lied to -- they're made to believe a proven unsafe technology is safe -- so they're not equipped to make a decision if they want it or not -- and you have the nerve to impose this mess on local government because supposedly FEDs know better. Shame on you, is all i can say. I wish y'all had a bit of humanity, heart, caring in your. They you'd either quit from this corrupt agency, or shake it up NO MATTER WHAT. 

People are the country and the world are fighting at grass root levels with little effect -- It's little people trying to protect their health and what's good for them and their neighbors, but you are fighting back FOR the industry, AGAINST people, goodness, well-being, health, peace.  Wake up! If any of you has the courage to stand up against this crime and say enough is enough, you will change the world in a way your grandchildren will be proud of. As it stands, I suspect your grandchildren will hate you when they realize what you're engaged it. 

Lastly, don't fool yourself. Pointing finger at FDA or whomever doesn't relieve your liability to universe, to goodness. You're fighting FOR an evil industry which ONLY cares about money. You're on the evil side, fighting for an evil cause. Ajit, think of what Krishna would say to Arjuna about that and the consequences. There's more to life than money. 

Just do it -- wake up -- have an epiphany -- first thing you want to do when you walk in office tomorrow is to call up Joel Moskowitz, Kevin Mottus, and a few others (you know them better than me -- the same folks you've been fighting by your deception), and say let's talk a plan that's good for the country (and naturally for the world, as most of the world follows the US). Call up Trump and tell him the truth about health impacts that are so clearly demonstrated through 1000's of studies. Worst case, be ready to resign. Call up CNN or whomever and say NO MORE of this deception. You'd be surprised how well you will feel about yourselves, and how proud your grand kids will be.

The other option is to go your deceptive way, damage health of millions of people, and be an icon of evil forces for generations to come.

Reza Ganjavi 


Reza Ganjavi replied to Brandon Carr's email again:

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject:Re: <> activity of FCCDate:Sat, 23 Feb 2019 20:28:25 +0100From:R.GANJAVI <>To:Brendan Carr <>

Why don't you have the character, goodness, decency to pull a STOP to this catastrophe.Did you read this and so many other top scientists crying, only to fall on your money-deaf ears?

"Prominent biochemistry professor warns: 5G is the ‘Stupidest idea in the history of the world"




Mayor Paul TenHaken Mayor's Office 605-367-8800 --

Senator John Thune:

Mr. TehHaken

I cannot believe you sat there and said those lies during the 5G hearing. I cannot believe you either don't have the               intelligent, or the integrity to see that FCC is a captured agency and are puppets of the Big Wireless, and that the science overwhelmingly is AGAINST 5G. All of the world's top scientists are extremely worried about 5G and 4G -- that is, scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry. You need to care for your constituents' health, and for the environment. This radiation hurts everything that is alive, all the way down to bacteria. How much of your campaign was funded by the telecom/wireless industry?


Shame on you.

Wake up, acknowledge the facts, and protect your constituents, or resign, or go work for the wireless industry and join the organized criminal deception of public using 35 year old standards that are based on physics and wholly ignore biological damage which has been shown by thousands of studies in the last 10 years.



Mr. Carr


I cannot believe you sat there and said those lies during the 5G hearing. Your agency is captured, is ignorant, cunning, deceptive, like the church in the dark ages. You have no shame in seeing the sun and saying it's night time.


I can't believe you don't have the integrity to see that the science overwhelmingly is AGAINST 5G. All of the world's top scientists are extremely worried about 5G and 4G -- that is, scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry. You need to care for people's health, and for the environment. This radiation hurts everything that is alive, all the way down to bacteria.


Shame on you. Wake up, acknowledge the facts. FCC is responsible for turning our cities streets and alleys filled with carcinogenic electrosmog without requiring any safety test from your masters, the industry which you're supposed to regulate. You need to resign. Take your boss with you. FCC needs people who are free thinkers -- not people who think FOR the industry and have ZERO concern for people's health. Just go work for the wireless industry and join the organized criminal deception of public using 35 year old standards that are based on physics and wholly ignore biological damage which has been shown by thousands of studies in the last 10 years.


An Exposé of the FCC: An Agency Captured by the Industries it Regulates 

See Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz (U.C. Berkley)'s fine page on FCC corruption:



An excellent article in two parts: 

The Corporate Takeover of the Trump-FCC Is in Full Attack Mode.


The Trump-FCC-AT&T-Et Al. Plan: The Insidious “Wheel of Mis-Fortune”.



"In an open letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slammed the agency for ignoring "a massive scheme to corrupt" the mandatory public comment process for Pai's plan to dismantle net neutrality protections with new rules officially unveiled on Tuesday. While open internet advocates have for months campaigned against Pai's plan to turn over the web to corporate control, which often included form letters for the public comment process, Schneiderman launched an investigation after submissions started appearing from supposed supporters of the plan with personal information of people who said they had not submitted any comments." FCC did not cooperate.  


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